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Hi, I'm Jeff.

I turn ideas into code!

About Me

I am a husband to an amazing wife and a dad to two fantastic kiddos. Currently, I am working as a full-stack Node.js developer at Buffalo Exchange, where I build webapps and develop automated scripts to (hopefully) help make people's day-to-day job tasks less painful. Check out my projects or strike up a conversation to learn more about the technologies I am currently working with; but as a quick snapshot...

I am building front-ends with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the back-end I use Express.js with Handlebars for view templating. When I need a relational databases I usually use MySQL but I have also worked with MSSQL. For non-relational database needs I use MongoDB. In addition to webapps I have built various automation scripting with Node. I have also dabbled with Electron, found it very interesting, and would very much like to work with it more!

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